Why the Industrial Electric Heating Tubes Heat in a Long Time and Slowly

- Aug 10, 2020-

1. During the heating process, the heating time is proportional to the power of the industrial electric heating tube. Generally speaking, the greater the power, the shorter the heating time. Therefore, some industrial electric heating tubes have a longer heating time, which may be due to the wrong power selection.

2. If the industrial electric heating tube uses water as the medium, it is easy to have scale problems after a period of use, and too much scale will affect the heating efficiency of the industrial electric heating tube. To solve this type of problem, it is best to clean the scale regularly.

3. Changes in the heating environment will also cause slow heating of industrial electric heating tubes, for example, the outside temperature is too low.

4. Long-term continuous use will also slow down the heating speed of industrial electric heating tubes. This is mainly because the principle of most electric heating tubes now is that the internal resistance wire generates heat and then conducts heat transfer. In a high temperature environment, the resistance value of the resistance wire will increase, resulting in slower heating. Therefore, if it is used for a long period of time, it is better to rest the industrial electric heating tube for a period of time, so as not only to ensure the heating efficiency but also extend the service life.