Why does the mica heating sheet emit smoke when heated?

- Mar 21, 2020-

This is caused by the small amount of water in the mica tablet, the small molecules in the binder and the traces of chemical solvents.
Mica flakes are composed of polysilica mica, quartz, garnet, and rutile. Sodium feldspar, vermiculite, and chlorite can appear. Garnet is rich in Fe and Mg. Si in polysilica can reach 3.369. It is also a high voltage combination. It has insulation and low loss thermal resistance, and it is still a good black body.
The heating and smoking of mica tablets occurred when the electricity was first applied. The components of the smoke were mainly a small amount of water in the mica tablets, small molecules in the adhesive, and traces of chemical solvents.
The reason for this is very simple. These things are trace residues during production, but when they are heated for the first time when they are heated, they will evaporate and burst out. This is normal,some only have slight smoke.It’s one of the most environmentally friendly heating elements.