Why does glass bending machine use electric cartridge heater?

- Sep 02, 2020-

Why does glass bending machine use electric cartridge heater?

As we all know, the working environment of glass bending machine is embedded dry burning working environment, so this kind of heating method can only be well heated by electric cartridge heater. Then what factors effect the quality of electric cartridge heater?

In industrial production, The electric cartridge heater of 3D glass bending machine belongs to high surface load electric cartridge heater, so the high surface load of electric cartridge heater directly determines the material selection of other tubes. The imported high temperature magnesia powder is used for internal insulation to increase its insulation performance. At the same time, the lead wire is made of nickel stranded wire with ceramic beads, high temperature resistant lead and wiring mode It is better to use the inner lead because the temperature of the outer lead is not high and the surface load is low.

cartridge heater for 3D Glass bending

What are the processing procedures of electric cartridge heater? The processing procedure of the electric cartridge heater is as follows: the electric cartridge heater refers to the metal tubular single head heating pipe, and then the spring electric heating wire is put into the metal protective sleeve, and the gap part is evenly filled with modified oxide powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation. After the pipe is shrunk by the pipe shrinking machine, the electric heating wire is insulated from the air, and the central position does not deviate and touch the pipe wall Annealing, bending, welding fasteners and other processes.

The electric cartridge heater for 3D glass bending machine can meet the service temperature of 3D glass bending machine, and the heating pipe of 3D glass bending machine can be heated to 950 ℃, and the temperature of heating mold is uniform and stable, and the temperature difference is small. The thermal leakage current of single head electric heating tube is less than or equal to 1mA, and we know that the service life of electric cartridge heater is relatively long.

If you want to make the electric cartridge heatere of 3D glass hot bending machine use longer, you can only work on the material:

The electric cartridge heater of 3D glass bending machine is made of heating wire imported from Germany, high-temperature magnesium oxide powder with insulation and heat conduction customized from Germany, and seamless 800 pipe imported from Japan, with a service life of 9600h.

Moreover, the lead-out wires of the electric heating tube of the 3D glass bending machine are all of the quality leads: pure nickel high-temperature resistant wire imported from Germany.