Why a fryer heater not working properly?

- Apr 01, 2020-

  When we use a fryer heater to cook food, there may be some problems come across. Following are some general problems we usually face and solutions for it,

Problem one: The power plug in the product is not plugged in or has poor contact. 

Treatment: 1. Check whether the plug is loose and connect the plug to a power outlet with a ground wire.

2. You haven't set a timer. Handling method: Turn the timer knob to the required cooking time for the power supply to work.

Problem two: the food is not fried evenly in the fryer

cause of the issue:

1. There is too much food in the fried blue. Processing method: Divide the food into small batches and put it into the fried blue. Dividing into small portions can make the frying more uniform. 

2. The fryer temperature is set too low. Treatment method: readjust the temperature control knob to the required temperature. 

3. The cooking time is not enough. Solution: Increase the timer time.

 Problem three: The ingredients are not fully cooked.

 Cause: Some ingredients need to be turned in the middle of cooking. Treatment method: If some ingredients are on the top of overlap with other ingredients, they need to be turned during cooking.