Which is better, winding finned heater or square finned heater?

- Dec 01, 2020-

Which is better, winding finned heater or square finned heater?

Winding type finned heater and square finned heater are all electric heating element for air dry burning, which can be used in industrial equipment such as ovens, paint booths, and pipe heating, as shown in the following pictures:

 coil-finned-heater-for-bank-load (2)


Only from the appearance of the heaters in the picture, you can judge which of the two effects is better. The answer is definitely a square finned heater. The two are different in manufacturing methods.


The spiral finned heater is based on the dry heating element. The surface of the tube is evenly wound with stainless steel fin strips. Generally, the height of the fin is 6mm and 7mm, the thickness is 0.3mm, and the fin spacing is about 4-5mm. .


The rectangular finned electric heater is a U-shaped electric heating element with rectangular stainless steel fins (generally 25*50mm or 40*80mm) with a thickness of 0.3-0.4mm, and the fin spacing is generally 5- 6.5mm. Because the gap between the fins is large, the heat dissipation effect is much better than that of the winding fin electric heating element, and the relative cost is much higher.


Customers use more winding finned electric heating element when purchasing. Because of their simple production, low cost and relatively common heat dissipation effect, dry-burning electric heating element can expand the heat dissipation surface and increase the heat dissipation speed.