What to do if the surface of cartridge heater turns black?

- Jan 20, 2021-

The cartridge heater is the most common heating element. Because it has been used for a long time, its maintenance treatment is also necessary to ensure the extension of its service life. Repairing the blackening of cartridge heaters is often the most common maintenance method. This method is called blackening treatment. Below we introduce the simple steps for the blackening of cartridge heater:


1. The prerequisite for handling the blackening is to keep the surface of the heating tube clean and tidy. If there are impurities on its appearance, it will not be conducive to the treatment of blackening.


2. The first thing to do is to understand the organic matter on the outside, the so-called degreasing treatment. Don't worry about this, because skimming is easy. As long as there is a degreasing solution for degreasing. The degreasing fluid is also easily available on the market. The requirement for degreasing is the requirement for the pH of the liquid, to maintain extremely high alkalinity, and to stabilize the pH at around 13. The time requirement is approximately 30 minutes. After this is done, the external surface must be cleaned to remove the impurities that are generated by the chemical reaction. Clean water must be used for cleaning to ensure a high degree of cleanliness of the heating tube.


3. After the alkaline washing is finished, it must be pickled. Because its appearance is not only alkaline organic matter, but also acidic organic matter. So acid cleaning is also very necessary. The acid requirement is a pH of 3, and the processing time is only about 10 minutes.


4. Eventually, the official blacking process will be implemented. Ph guarantee is between 2~4. The time is 10 minutes. After finishing processing, clean it up.


5. The final step is to dry the cartridge heater. Drying is to remove the water adhering to the surface of the cartridge heater, and then apply a layer of protective oil.