What should I do if the oven timer is damaged during operation?

- Jun 22, 2020-

With the increasing variety of kitchen appliances in the new era, many families have begun to use a very new oven timer. Because when it is used in the oven, it has many functions, such as good heat dissipation effect at the door of the oven, automatic turning over during the baking process, even food heating and so on. Therefore, the timer is usually the cooking process of the fire, if not this, often the oven baked food is not so delicious, all this is to be able to control in the operation process.

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Generally speaking, most manufacturers will bring their own oven timer when they leave the oven. Of course, during operation, if the timer is damaged, it needs to be replaced in the electric shop, otherwise the oven will not work normally. In this process, we should pay attention to whether the speed and time control of the oven is scientific and reasonable, so as to make the oven work more and more efficiently.