What need to pay attention to when choosing a film heater resistor?

- Jul 05, 2020-

The type of membrane film heater can also be selected according to the operating frequency of the circuit. The distributed inductance and capacitance of RX type wire-wound film resistor are large and only suitable for circuits with low frequency of 50kHz. RH type synthetic film resistor and RS type organic solid film resistor can be used in tens of megahertz circuit. Rt-type carbon film resistor can be used in circuits of about 100MHz. The R-type metal film resistor and the RYE film resistor can operate in high frequency circuits up to hundreds of megahertz.

In the selection process, to carefully analyze the specific requirements of the circuit. Metal film or metal oxide film resistor should be used in circuits with higher requirements of certainty, heat resistance and reliability. If high power, good heat resistance and low frequency are required, a wire-wound film resistor can be selected. For general circuits without special requirements, carbon film resistor can be used to reduce the cost.