What kind of heating tube is good for the dryer?

- Mar 21, 2020-

The dryer is a widely used device in the industry. The quality of the dryer depends on the internal heating elements. Which heating tube should be used for the dryer?


The heating tube for the dryer must be a dry-fired electric heating tube. The dry-fired electric heating tube can be divided into two types: fin-type electric heating tube and finless electric heating tube. But which one is better to dry electric heating tube?


1. Common points:

Both are dry-burning type electric heating tubes, which can be commonly used in dry-burning environments such as ovens, ovens, and paint booths.


2. The differences:

The finned electric heating tube is a metal heat sink wound around the outer shell of the electric heating tube.


The finned electric heating tube has a wider heat dissipation surface, faster heat dissipation speed, and longer service life.


The cost is also higher than the finless electric heating tube relatively.