What kind of extruder tubular heater takes a long time?

- Aug 24, 2020-

What kind of extruder tubular heater takes a long time?

The working environment of extruder tubular heater is complex

1. The tubular heater of extruder is always in vibration state.

2. Continuous high temperature heating, the normal temperature is about 500 ℃.

It is the above two special heating environment that lead to the common extrusion electrical tubular heater material is easy to be damaged.

According to their use environment, JAYE INDUSTRY suggests that customers make the following changes:

1. Because the temperature is in continuous high temperature, and it is still in the state of vibration, so the electric heating wire in the electric heating tube of extruder must be made of nicr2080. The heating wire in normal electric heating tube is mainly made of Fe Cr al

2. The tubular heater of extruder must be seamless tube with wall thickness of more than 1.0 mm.

3. The material of extruder heating tube must be SUS304, and SUS321 can be used better.

Through the above introduction, we can know the reason why the extruder tubular heater is easy to break, and what kind of material is used for a long time. Therefore, when purchasing the extruder tubular heater, customers should not only tell us the shape and size, but also tell you the working environment of the product, so that we can design the most suitable extruder tubular heater for your equipment. If you want to know what material is used for a long time, please contact us at info@jaye-industry.com or info@jaye-heater.com.