What is the purpose of cartridge heater with fixed stopper?

- Sep 08, 2020-

What is the purpose of cartridge heater with fixed stopper?

There are many kinds of cartridge heaters, such as straight rod cartridge heaters, thread cartridge heaters, limit type cartridge heaters. Different cartridge heaters are used in different environments. The straight rod cartridge heaters is used for mold heating, and the cartridge heaters with thread is used for liquid heating. Under what circumstances is the limit stopper type cartridge heaters used? What is the function of limit stopper type cartridge heaters?

What is a fixed stopper:

The fixed stopper cartridge heaters is also called limit type cartridge heaters. As the name implies, it is a fixed cartridge heaters. It can achieve the purpose of fixing by welding some iron sheets, steel sheets or terminals to the straight rod cartridge heaters.

The function of the limit plate:

The function of the fixed baffle single head heating pipe is to fix the heating pipe on the mold or equipment with the fixed baffle when the heating mold or other heating equipment has vibration, so that the fixed plate electric heating pipe will not fall due to vibration or shaking.

Shape of limit plate:

The common fixed block includes circle, square, rectangle, etc. customers can also design the shape of fixed baffle according to their own use requirements, and then we can customize the baffle according to the customer's drawings.