What is the heating material of the silicone heater?

- Apr 30, 2020-

The heating material is the heating source of the electric heating element. The silicone heater is also using heating material for heating source and also with silicone rubber material as heat conduct material and insulation material. 

At present, there are two circuit forms of the heating materials, 

  1. One is the etching circuit method, the width can be customized and the maximum width depending on the mold that you will make.  The length is not limited; the heating element is a sheet-shaped electric heating element structure, which provides a more uniform thermal field than the wire-shaped electric heating element, and the heating period Compared with the fast response time, the power load is lower and the service life is longer compared with the filament heating element.

  2. The other heating material method is the arrangement method of round wire heating elements. It is widely used in industry, medical, laboratory, food, and aviation fields. While the silicone heater of the wire heating elements method is at a much affordable price, so this is the most popular heating method of the silicone heater, which can meet most demand. 

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