What is the difference between instant stainless steel thick film heating tube and ordinary heating tube

- Jul 06, 2020-

What's the difference between instant stainless steel thick film heating pipe and ordinary heating pipe, namely hot type, also known as fast heating type and fast heating type, its characteristics are: there is no inner tank and incubator, cold water and hot water are produced. As long as the tap is turned on, the energy source can continuously supply hot water within seconds. When hot water is not used, the faucet will stop working. The ordinary heating has a heat preservation heating tank. There is a water inlet pipe and a water outlet pipe on the heat preservation tank. There is a temperature sensor inside the heat preservation heating tank. When the temperature reaches the set value, the water dispenser stops heating. When the temperature is lower than the set value, the heating starts to work. In comparison, ordinary heating is neither energy-saving nor environmentally friendly. In recent years, the growth rate of instant thermal appliances is 200% every year. In the future, instant thermal appliances will dominate the home appliance market. Jaye stainless steel thick film heating tube as a strong backing of the instant water appliance industry, our heating tube is small, high power density, fast, fast heating speed, high efficiency, large water flow, stable, long service life, up to 10000 hours; energy saving, thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%; environmental protection, no toxic components and heavy metal ions, in line with ROHS standards; safety It has the advantages of special medium coverage, flexible working voltage and power, convenient and mature intelligent supporting circuit board, which is fully recognized and favored by many domestic instant water heater manufacturers. Jaye's stainless steel thick film heating pipe has mature process, stable performance and perfect supporting scheme. It is applied to direct drinking water machine, electric water heater, refrigerator, small kitchen treasure, electric faucet, electric kettle, solar energy, steam generator, heat pump heater and other electrical products. Its thermal efficiency is more than 98%, and its working life is more than 10000 hours.