What is the Difference Between Household Heating Tubes and Industrial Heating Tubes?

- May 18, 2020-

Before purchasing a heating tube, you must clear that it is used in industrial equipment or household appliances.

Because there are the following differences between them:

1. Process

The household pipes are mostly produced in standardized production lines, and the quality and reliability are poor; the industrial pipes are all non-standard customized production, and each basic performance can be guaranteed.

2. Execution Standards

The implementation standard for industrial tubes is generally: JB-T2379-1993 production standard for metal tubular electric heating elements;

The implementation standard for household tubes is generally: JB / T 4088-1999 daily tubular electric heating elements.

3. Key Material

The general materials of household pipes are mostly the plating process, such as nickel plating, etc. The most commonly product seen on the market is that instant water heater.

The general materials of industrial pipes need to be selected according to the actual working environment: generally there are iron, stainless steel, Ingle, titanium tubes, Teflon, etc.

4. Power Settings

Household tubes generally reduce the cost by increasing the surface load (that is why, many customers say that the length of heating tubes on the market are very short, but the power is very high).

Industrial tube power settings must follow a certain proportional relationship.