What is the composition of flange tubular heater's fastener ?

- Sep 03, 2020-

What is the composition of flange tubular heater's fastener ?

When making U-shaped or W-shaped tubular heaters, we will confirm with the customers whether there are fasteners on the electric tubular heater used by customers before, and the size of the fasteners, because the fasteners play a very important role in the installation of the electric tubular heater. If the size of the fasten flanges not matched, it will be difficult to install them.

1. What is the fastener of electric tubular heater: the part on the electric tubular heater plays a fixed role in installation.

2. The composition of the fastener of tubular heater: fixed baffle, large threaded column, large washer, large nut, magnetic head, small nut, small washer, what are the heat conduction modes and small threaded terminal post.

3. Installation of fasteners for tubular heater: make a hole on the heated box body, insert large thread of fastener through the hole, and then cover the large threaded column with washer, which is made of metal, silica gel of PTFE. They are used for heating air, liquid and corrosive liquid on the electric heating tube respectively. Then insert the big nut and tighten it. Finally, connect the lead wire to the small threaded terminal. This completes the installation of the fasteners.

4. Precautions:

1. When drilling holes on the installation box, the hole diameter should be slightly larger than the large thread diameter of the fastener of the heating pipe, so as to prevent the hole from being too small and difficult to install.

2. Before ordering the electric tubular heater, we should confirm with the sales staff the length of the large thread and the distance between the teeth of the fastener of the heating pipe, because the length of the thread passing through the different thickness of the box wall is different, and the length of the thread can not be less than the thickness of the box wall. If the customer has the nut, the tooth spacing should be matched with the customer nut.