What is a USB heat pad?

- Apr 29, 2020-

The USB heat pad is mainly referred to as the heat pad that heated by the power supply of the USB port electricity. It is generally flexible and also called USB heating film, electric heating film, heating film, PET film( using PET technology). 

The raw material of the USB heat pad is using environmentally friendly pet materials. The heating resistances are metal, silver paste, carbon paste, carbon fiber, etc. As using for USB supply, so the voltage mostly is 5V and the temperature can achieve to 40℃~50℃. 

The manufacturing technologies are etching and silk printing depending on the raw material used. For the metal thin film, generally using the etching technology. And the silk printing technology materials are mainly silver paste, carbon paste, carbon fiber, etc. 

The USB heat pad is widely used for USB mouse pad heating sheet, USB slippers heating sheet, USB gloves heating sheet, electric heating pad for the pet, electric pet mat, automobile heating cushion, etc