What are the specifications and performance of thin film electric heating sheet?

- Oct 17, 2019-

Thin film electric heating sheet is made of insulating film with good temperature resistance from top to bottom and excellent insulation performance, such as polyimide film, PET film, Teflon film and silicone film, with special alloy foil lock in the middle. Circuit. This type of heating sheet is generally divided into two types: high temperature type and low temperature type. So what are the properties of this thin film electric heating sheet?

Let's look at it separately. First, let's look at the high-temperature electric heating film. Its maximum use temperature is 300 ° C, and its minimum use temperature is -200 ° C. For the low-temperature type electric heating film, its maximum use temperature is 130 ° C, and its minimum use temperature is -200 ° C. These two types of thin film heating plates can also be integrated with the thermal insulation layer and PSA glue for users to choose, and related sensors such as temperature sensors can be integrated into this product. The operating temperature range of PSA glue products is: 150 ℃ ~ -35 ℃. The use voltage is generally less than 220V.