What are the reasons for the non heating of electric heating elements

- Mar 25, 2020-

Causes of non heating of electric heating pipe:

A. The plug of the power line is in poor contact with the electric socket, or the wire of the power line is in open circuit;
B. The leading plate or lead of the electric heating pipe falls off;
C. The resistance wire has been blown;
D. For the adjustable temperature control heating pipe, the contact of the temperature controller is poor or the melting is broken.
E. The electric heating pipe has been burnt;
F. Abnormal power supply or power failure;


A. Rewelding the tabs or leads;
B. The heating pipe is not easy to repair, replacement recommended
C. Use after power supply is normal;
D、 Scrap the heating pipe and re produce and install the resistance wire of the same type;
E. Replace and install the electric heating pipe of the same specification;
F. Check the wiring for repair or replacement