What are the Factors that Affecting the Life of the Single-head Heating Rod for the Packaging Machine

- Jun 10, 2020-

Single-head heating rods are used very frequently on packaging machines. At the same time, many customers have the question that the heating rods have a short life. Today we will analyze the factors that affect the life of single-head heating rods in packaging machines.


First of all, it is very important of the quality of the materials used for the single-head heating rod. The ordinary will use stainless steel 201, the better will use stainless steel 304, and the best will use 321 material. Different materials have different temperature resistance and the lifespan is different.


Secondly, whether the temperature of the heating rod matches the design temperature, if it is beyond the design temperature, and the service life must be short.


Furthermore, when designing, whether to choose a single-head heating tube of appropriate power according to the designed temperature.


Also, when the single-head heating rod is used on the packaging machine, whether the single-head heating tube and the mold hole match the gap or not.

Finally, whether the installation method of the heating rod is correct and effective.