Types & Working Principle of Heating Element

- Mar 05, 2020-

Heating wire, thermistor, conductive coating and heating film which is 4 types of common heating element.

Heating wire is usually applied for ovens, different thicknesses of built-in heating wires in different types of ovens and result in difference on heating efficiency. It will light and heat while current are passing, but the heating efficiency is not well. Immersion heaters, heating plates and the like on the market are all manufactured by heating wire basically.

The characteristic of thermistor is that it can control the heating temperature of the device effectively. When the temperature of the thermistor increases, the resistance will change and then appears current thermal effect, which changes the temperature of resistance. Thermistor depends on this working circles to adjust the temperature of the device. Hair drier and irons are equipped with this element.

Conductive coating can be applied to the surface of insulated conductors. This element widely use. It has large heat radiating area, but flaking easily.

Heating film is an efficient heating element which is made by the characteristics of thermistor and conductive coating. This kind of element is mainly used for indoor heating, just like the incubator in the chicken’s hatching room. It has a long life time, high conversion rate, and reduces heat loss. The disadvantage is that the heating speed is too slow, the heat persistence is not long after the power is turned off. When using the home heating appliances with this element, pay attention to safety and standardized operation.