Types of household clothes dryers

- Mar 31, 2020-

Clothes dryers are clean household appliances that use electric heating to instantly evaporate and dry the moisture in the washed laundry. Regarding the exterior, the household clothes dryer can be divided into a square clothes dryer and round clothes dryer. 

The square clothes dryer is composed of a box body and the main body. The main body of the clothes dryer uses PTC heating elements to generate heat.

Clothes dryer accessories

Clothes dryer accessories

Features of the square clothes dryer:

1. It is a clothes dryer when in operation; it can be used as a wardrobe when not in operation.

2. Static clothes drying. Avoid drying and pleating of the clothes during the drying process.

3. The square clothes dryer can prevent secondary pollution, the clothes are isolated from the outside, and there is no dust or insect invasion.

4. The new heating technology of the square clothes dryer adopts a PTC heating body to generate heat, automatic constant temperature, double temperature protection for over-temperature, safe to use.

5. Efficient sterilization: When the clothes dryer is working normally, the internal temperature can reach 70 degrees, which can sterilize 99.3%.

6. If there are many clothes or thick clothes, it is more convenient to choose a square clothes dryer.

Round clothes dryer

The round clothes dryer is small in size, easy to disassemble, and simple to operate. It is mainly composed of three parts: host, umbrella stand and cylindrical cover. The host is in the lower middle. The main body of the clothes dryer uses the heat generated by the heating body to send the heat energy into the clothes drying cover and accelerates the convection through the ventilation holes to easily dry various clothes.

Features of round clothes dryer:

1. Thickened high-density cover, strong airtightness, no odor, can prevent secondary pollution.

2. The main unit is a heater, which can also be used for heating when not in use.

3. There is a timer for easy operation and timing.

4. High-temperature sterilization, especially suitable for families with babies.

5. Umbrella-style cool hangers make clothes more stable.

6. Diverse colors, simple operation, and easy disassembly.