Types of Electric Heaters

- Apr 29, 2020-

1- Electromagnetic heating
Electromagnetic heating generates alternating magnetic fields and
When placed on top with a ferrous container, the surface of the container has cutting alternating magnetic lines of force
And an alternating current (ie, eddy current) is generated in the metal part at the bottom of the container.
The iron atoms at the bottom of the container move irregularly at high speed, and the atoms collide and rub against each other.
Generate heat energy. So as to heat the article. Because it is made of iron
Fever, all heat conversion rate is particularly high, up to 95%. Induction cooker, electric
The magnetic stove uses electromagnetic heating technology.
2- infrared heating
The form of infrared heat transfer is radiant heat transfer, which transfers energy by electromagnetic waves. in
When far-infrared rays hit the heated object, part of the rays are reflected back,
A part was penetrated. When the emitted far infrared wavelength and the heated object
When the absorption wavelength is the same, the heated object absorbs far infrared rays. At this time, the object
The internal molecules and atoms "resonate"-produce strong vibration and rotation,
The vibration and rotation increase the temperature of the object and achieve the purpose of heating.
3- Resistance heating
Resistance heating is the simplest electric-based heating method, using current flow
The method of heating the Joule of the overheated body to react the released heat to heat the object. Electricity
Resistance heating is divided into indirect resistance heating and direct resistance heating. Indirect resistance heating is
Allow current to flow through electric heating elements or conductive media. Common resistance wire heating, ceramic
Heaters, as well as resistance coil heating, quartz tube heating, in principle, are mostly beneficial
The heat generated by electric heating elements is in the form of heat conduction, heat convection or heat radiation
Connected heating object. The resistance heater is also the most commonly used heating method.
It is the most commonly used heating method.