Types and advantages of cartridge heater

- Mar 26, 2020-

Cartridge Heater is widely used in plastic mechanical heating system, pharmaceutical production line, chemical industry and other equipment, which are required by different industries Cartridge Heater is different, so how to choose the right Cartridge Heater in its equipment?

Common types of Cartridge Heater:

According to the led out of lead wire standard, it can be divided into:
1. Swaged-in lead Cartridge Heater: the high temperature wire is directly led out from the inside of the heating pipe. This process has high cost, but it is not easy to break the wire.
2. Soft lead single head heating pipe: stainless steel soft wire is led out from the inside of the heating pipe, and a glass fiber sleeve is sheathed on the outside. This process has low cost and is not easy to break.
3. Crimped-on lead wire Cartridge Heater: the stainless steel hard wire is led out from the inside of the heating pipe by the lead out rod, and then connected to the high temperature wire and connected to the high temperature wire outside. This process is a standard process and most popular.

Cartridge Heater can be specifically divided into:
1. Micro Cartridge Heater: diameter Φ 2.2-Φ 5.9mm.
2. Standard Cartridge Heater: diameter Φ 6 ~ Φ 25mm.
3. Large Cartridge Heater: diameter Φ 25 ~ Φ 100mm.
4. Two kinds of products, cone type Cartridge Heater and square Cartridge Heater, are the most effective heating elements in the mould under special animal environment, and some of them are used in the mould holes with taper.
5. Two semicircle and Cartridge Heater: two semicircle and Cartridge Heater are improved products of electric heating elements for common single end mould. They are made of a semicircle electric heating element folded in half. After being folded in half, their own expansion force is closely matched with the mould hole. They have the advantages of high power density, long service life and high heat efficiency. They are the renewal products of single end heating elements for mould, especially It is to heat the mould with high temperature and fast heating speed.
6. Flat Cartridge Heater: This product is the most effective heating element in the mould under special environment, and it is used in some mould holes with taper. And other equipment manufacturers.
7. Hollow Cartridge Heater: use the hollow pipe of Cartridge Heater to quickly heat the air.