The Structure of Superheated Steam Boiler Heater

- Apr 23, 2020-

In order to produce superheated steam, the boiler is designed as two parts, a body that produces saturated steam and a superheater that produces superheated steam. The structure of the body that produces saturated steam is similar to the ordinary electric heating boiler, but the u-type electric heating tube or single-end double-outlet electric heating tube commonly used in existing electric heating boilers is replaced with single-end single-outlet electric heating tube.


The electric heating tube is connected with the tube sheet through a screw thread, and is directly inserted into the cylinder body of the boiler body. The superheater is similar to the structure of a common tube heat exchanger. The electric heating tube is also connected with the tube plate through the thread, and is directly inserted into the superheater cylinder. Saturated steam is introduced into the superheater barrel through the tube base, and the "S" flow is made outside the electric heating tube according to the flow channel separated by the baffle until heated to the required superheated steam temperature. 2 is a schematic diagram of the electric heating boiler of the present invention. When the boiler is running, the boiler water is first heated into saturated steam in the boiler body 1 and then enters the superheater body 1O to be heated into superheated steam. The heating sources are single-end single-outlet electric heating tubes. The diameter of the electric heating pipe is 20mm, and the pipe material is 20 or 1Crl8Ni9Ti steel pipe. When heating the superheated steam, the heat load on the surface of the tube wall is 2.3-2.5W / cm; the carbon steel tube for heating hot water can be 8 W / cm; Because the single-ended single-outlet electric heating tube adopts Y-shaped wiring, its working voltage is 220V. The boiler body 1 and the superheater body 10 are made of 20g steel plate, and the thickness is calculated according to the national boiler strength calculation standard.