The Reasons of Magnetism on the Surface of the Stainless Steel Tube

- Jul 13, 2020-

Since the heating tube is used in industrial equipment, not for household or food-grade equipment, our general industrial electric heating tube is not polished directly after coming out of the oven. If there are special requirements, we can polish the tube according to customers’ requirements. The heating tube is generally dark brown after heating, so everyone thinks it is iron. Then, the reason why magnetite can be used to absorb magnetism, the most essential reason is there are iron-chromium-aluminum heating wires in the internal structure of the stainless steel electric heating tube, and the iron-chromium-aluminum heating wire is magnetic, even though there is a layer of insulating magnesium oxide powder in the middle , But the magnetism still exists, because the magnetism on the surface of the stainless steel heating tube is very weak even if it is, which is definitely not the same as the magnetism of the normal iron tube.