The performance requirement of electric heating pipe and the technical advantage of thermocouple

- Sep 29, 2020-

The performance requirement of electric heating pipe and the technical advantage of thermocouple.


Performance requirements of the electric heating pipe:

Heating time: under the test voltage, the time from the ambient temperature to the test temperature should not be more than 15 minutes. The rated power deviation of the element under the condition of full heating shall not exceed the range specified below:


For components with rated power less than or equal to 100W: ±10%.

For components with rated power greater than 100W, it is +5% ~ -10% or 10W, and the larger value of the two is taken.

Electric heating tube users purchasing products, there will be a lot of problems need to consult, but duct electric heater customer most concerned the price problem, they all want to spend a little money to get what they want, but the customer had to thought, the quality of your goods, cheap products must be low cost, it will not be able to guarantee the quality, not to mention the service life of the product, so there will be a lot of problems, and there's a thermocouple, thermocouple technology advantage:


Thermocouple wide range of temperature measurement, performance is more stable, high measurement accuracy, thermocouple and the measured object direct contact, not affected by the medium, thermal response time is fast, thermocouple flexible response to temperature change, measurement range is large, thermocouple from -40~+ 1600℃ can be continuous temperature measurement, thermocouple performance reliable, good mechanical strength. Long service life, convenient installation.


A thermocouple must be a circuit made of two conductor (or semiconductor) materials that are different in nature but fit a certain requirement. There must be a temperature difference between the measuring end and the reference end of the thermocouple.