The judgement of KSD temperature controller

- Mar 21, 2020-

At present, the price of KSD thermostat on the market varies greatly. Not only the price gap, but also the quality gap, so how should we judge the quality of a KSD thermostat? This requires us to understand the principle of KSD and judge its quality by principle.            


Generally, under normal room temperature, the switch contacts of the thermostat are connected. We need to use hot water of corresponding temperature to heat it. After the temperature goes up, the switch can be normally disconnected, and then it can continue to work normally. Then the quality of the thermostat is OK. If you are worried about the quality of KSD temperature controller in this way, look at the shell material of the temperature controller. Generally, its combustion supporting material is better. Disassemble the shell to see if the circuit components of the temperature controller are good. Or at the top of the machine, see if the thermostat works properly. If it starts normally, you may have bought a bad thermostat.