The Installation Rules of Silicone Carbide Rod Heating Element

- May 25, 2020-

1. When selecting silicon carbide heating elements, it is necessary to ensure that the length of the heating part of the element is not greater than the width (height) of the furnace.

2. Pay attention on the reasonable surface load. The selection of this load should depend on the temperature and ambient atmosphere of the component.

3. The resistance is measured at a temperature of 1050 degrees Celsius (plus or minus 50 degrees Celsius), and it should be assembled according to the resistance of the component during installation.

4. It should be equipped with a voltage regulator to ensure that the rod can still obtain the corresponding power after the resistance aging in use. When the rod needs to be replaced due to breakage or aging, it should be replaced according to the aging degree of the rod and the line connection method. As far as possible, the high temperature resistance value should be matched to ensure the service life.