The Importance of the MgO powder on Tubular Heating Elements Production

- Apr 23, 2020-

In fact, electrical appliances that need to convert electrical energy into heat must be equipped with electric heating tubes, and all electric heating tubes require magnesium oxide powder. Electric heating tubes are the core parts of home appliances, and electrical grade magnesium oxide is the core material of electrical heating tubes for household appliances. The production process of electrical grade magnesium oxide includes magnesite mining and beneficiation, smelting into fused magnesia, and fused magnesia concentrate Selected categories, magnesia particles finishing crushing, screening, shaping, dust removal, magnetic separation, high temperature heat treatment moisture removal, mixed modification, etc. Jiashun focuses on the selection of fused magnesia to the final production of electrical grade magnesium oxide products with high insulation, high thermal conductivity and no leakage of high-quality filled insulating materials. As a manufacturer of electric heating tubes, it is important for the quality of electric heating tubes to grasp the quality of the source of magnesium oxide powder.