The Features of Cartridge heater

- Mar 04, 2020-

Industrial heating tubes are mainly divided into single-headed heating tubes (cartridge heater) and double-headed heating tubes in terms of the structure of the heating tubes. The single-headed heating pipe is less widely used than the double-headed heating pipe, but due to its own structural characteristics, it is still widely used in some fields. It commonly uses in the heating of mold holes and the heating of fuel tanks. Today I will introduce the characteristics of the single-head heating pipe for you reference:


1. Firstly, the exterior. The most obvious one is the short volume. It never affected its own power reduction even though the short volume of heating tube, but has a high surface load.


2. Service life. The cartridge heater is heated in the mold  hole. To be honest, the life time is not as good as theoretically thought. Due to the poor heating and rapid heat emission conditions, the electric heating external stainless steel pipe  is often burnt, oxidized and deformed, which causes internal heating elements- The electric heating alloy wire is blown and fused, due to high temperature, and then shortens the life of the cartridge heater.


3. Good insulating property. cartridge heater has excellent insulation performance. Especially in a cold state, it can remain a good insulation performance.


4. Great operability. Even when using several cartridge heater. simultaneously, they will not interfere with each other and can easily finish the wiring in the box.