The electric silicone rubber heating element is a chrome heating sheet wrapped by silica gel glass cloth

- Aug 13, 2020-

The silicon glass cloth wrap nickel chromium heating sheet (hereinafter referred to as nickel chromium heating sheet) developed by Jaye is a heating element which generates heat after being connected to the power supply. Because of its small size, the lightest weight, long life, safe and reliable, easy to use, etc., it has been applied in the temperature control system of inertial devices. This artical mainly introduces the characteristics of the component and its production process.

Silicone-Rubber-Etched-Foil-Heater (1)

In general, there are two processing methods for producing chromium-nickel heating plates, namely, molybdenum wire cutting and photolithography. The former is easy to process and is suitable for the mass production of fixed products. The latter is flexible and adaptable for small batch development. Jaye's Nickel-chrome heating sheet of silicone rubber heater is processed using the above two methods. Jaye industry only make the best silicone rubber heater in China, if you have any further more questions, plesae just feel freel to contact with us by E-mail: