The Conversion of Electrical Energy into Heat

- Jun 03, 2020-

Electrical and thermal energy are different forms of energy. They can be transformed into each other. For example, thermal power plants are factories that convert thermal energy into electrical energy, and thermocouples are instruments that convert thermal energy into electrical energy. On the contrary, the electric energy is converted into heat energy, which is a variety of electric appliances and equipment (such as the electric heating tube).

So what are the main forms of electrical energy conversion into thermal energy? Here are four major types:

1. Resistance heating

Resistance heating is the most important form of conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy. It is divided into direct electric heating and indirect electric heating. (like a heating tube)

2. Induction heating

Induction heating is divided into iron induction heating and ironless induction heating. (For example: induction cooker heating)

3. Medium heating

Medium heating is to place the object to be heated in a high-frequency alternating electric field and use the medium loss of the object to heat. (Eg microwave heating)

4. Arc heating

Arc heating is the discharge generated by the electrode to ionize the air to form an arc and emit high temperature to heat the object. (Eg electronic igniter)