The characteristics of PTC heating elements and precautions for use

- Jan 18, 2021-

The characteristics of PTC heating elements and precautions for use


PTC heating element is also called PTC thermistor, it is a kind of semiconductor functional ceramic with positive temperature coefficient. Before the PTC transition temperature, the resistance decreases with the increase in temperature. Between the temperature transition temperature and the thermal runaway temperature, the resistance increases significantly with the increase in temperature. PTC components have constant temperature heating, long natural life, energy saving, and no open flame , Good safety performance, easy adjustment of heat generation and little influence by the power supply voltage, etc. a series of unmatched advantages of traditional electric heating elements. Now PTC components have been widely used in many fields such as household appliances, power facilities, electronic equipment, and the automotive industry.


PTC ceramic heating elements can be made into various shapes and different specifications according to needs, and the common ones are round, rectangular, and long. According to customer requirements, the temperature can be selected between 40℃-310℃, the operating voltage can be selected between 3V-700V, DC or AC, and the temperature tolerance is generally ±7℃. Sometimes in order to achieve a faster heating rate, more uniform heating, or higher heating power, it is necessary to combine multiple PTC ceramic units into a larger area component.


 1. Examples of uses:


Heater, air conditioner heating, clothes dryer, mosquito killer, motorcycle carburetor, automobile choke door, automobile cold start preheating, electric humidifier, electric instrument moisture-proof heating, electric heating plate (pan), massager, hyperthermia Instrument, glue gun, hair curler heating, hair straightener heating, hot coffee machine, milk heater, water boiler, water heater, steam beauty, etc. When the product terminal temperature is below 310℃, using PTC heating can maintain a constant temperature, without temperature control, compact structure and long life, which has great advantages.

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2. Use attention:


(1) The PTC heating element has the characteristics of automatic constant temperature, no temperature control system is required, and the PTC can be directly energized.


(2) When the PTC heating element is used to heat liquid (such as water), the PTC heating element will not be damaged after the liquid is dried.


(3) If the PTC heating element is used to heat the cold air, the PTC heating element will not be damaged when the air is not supplied.


(4) There are four kinds of electrodes for customers to choose: electroless nickel + silver (weldable), melt-blown metal aluminum, printed aluminum + silver, printed silver zinc + silver (weldable), printed aluminum.


(5) Long service life, under normal environment, the service life can reach more than 10 years.


(6) Reliable work, using the internal characteristics of PTC to control temperature, never over-temperature.


(7) The influence of the change of working voltage on the surface temperature is relatively small. When the working voltage increases 2 times (or drops 1/2), the surface temperature rises (or drops) by about 10°C.


(8) This product does not have wires and insulation layers. Customers also choose our company's products with wires and insulation layers, or products with shells.


(9) When multiple PTC elements are used together, they should be connected in parallel, not in series.


(10) The heating power of PTC varies greatly under different heat dissipation conditions.


(11) Generally, double-sided electrode lead-out type PTC chip is used; in order to facilitate installation, single-sided electrode lead-out can also be used.

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