The cause of uneven heating Of Heating Elements

- Mar 21, 2020-

Some clients came to JAYE Heater and stated their problems and hoped us to give some solutions and suggestions. What happened to them was that they bought tubular heater from a shop or other a small factory, and later the unbalanced heating problem occurred, couldn’t meet the expectation about heating the objects. What should we check if we this problem happens then?


Now we summarized 3 main factors that might be the causes:

1. The heating wire has different qualities.

Before we start to produce, the most important step is to choose the heating wire. Some people may think, for the same model, all the wires are the same. Actually it’s totally not like that. There are various of levels of the heating wires. The quality of the resistance wire will directly affect the quality of the heater. For this type of non-standard products, it’s hard to differentiate from the appearance. But when you use it, you can clearly see the efficiency. The consequence to select the low quality material is, some parts are well heated, while other parts are not up to the effect.


2. The heating wire gap is not even.

After we make sure the first step is ok, we will have to check the wire gap. That is, to make sure the resistance wire is well formed and the gaps are even, we usually stretching and winding the wire to produce base on the requirements. If this step has some mistake, then after connecting the power, the uneven heating problem will happen.


3. The magnesium oxide powder is not filling properly.

As we all know that most of the heaters are fulfilled by MgO, now a lot of factories are still using manual filling. This might can not control the internal tightness, the excessively tight part will heat slowly, and the excessively loose part will heat faster, which will also cause uneven heateing.

PS:When you choose the MgO,purchase the high purity MgO,it works more efficiently.