The Applications of Heating Pads in Medical Equipment

- May 11, 2020-

There are many types of heating pads, the characteristics of different heating pads are different, and the application fields are also different. Silicone heating sheets, non-woven fabric heating sheets and ceramic heating sheets are widely used in heating and heat preservation equipment in the field of medical equipment due to their stable performance, safety and reliability or beneficial to human health.


The application of silicone heating pads in medical equipment are mainly for medical equipment such as blood analyzers, test tube heaters, medical health shaping clothes, slimming belts to compensate for heat, etc.


The non-woven fabric heating sheet is a heating blanket element which sticks the heating wire between two non-woven fabrics. Shawl massagers, massage belts, and backrest massagers are made of non-woven heating sheet.


The ceramic heating sheet is a high-temperature co-fired ceramic heating sheet. It is made of molybdenum, manganese, molybdenum, tungsten and other high melting point metal heating resistance paste. Ceramic heating plates are widely used in various medical equipment in the medical equipment that require low and medium temperature heating, such as intravenous fluid heaters, infrared physiotherapy instruments, etc.