The Application of Temperature Coupler

- Sep 25, 2020-

What is Coupler

In a microwave system, it is often necessary to divide the microwave power of one channel into several channels in proportion, which is a power distribution problem. The components that realize this function are called power distribution components or couplers, which mainly include: directional couplers, power dividers, and various microwave branch devices.


Application of Temperature Coupler

The temperature coupler is mainly used for the temperature control of various electric heating appliances such as multi-function frying pans, electric frying pans, electric baking pans, frying pans, pizza pans, etc. It has "slow fire", "small fire", "medium fire", "Big Huo" and "Menghuo" five-speed adjustment, cheap and good quality, convenient and practical. Working voltage: 220/250v, measurement error is between 5°-10°, installation form: plug-in.


The temperature coupler is simple to use, directly insert the plug-in thermostat plug into the matching electrical appliance (such as square pot, etc.), plug in the power plug, turn on the power, and adjust the temperature control knob to heat the electrical appliance. It is very simple and easy to operate. Humanized products are favored by manufacturers and consumers such as multi-function woks and square pots.