The application of silicone heating film in automotive battery

- Apr 29, 2020-

Adopting pure resistive heating sheet, the thickness is thin, and the silicone layer makes the heating sheet more plastic. The size and shape can be customized according to the shape of the battery. It takes up very little space on the structure, thin thickness, light weight, easy installation, and can be double-sided adhesive It is closely attached to the surface of the battery pack and heats the battery cell through heat conduction. The thermal efficiency is high, the structure is simple, and the reliability is high. Because it is thin and has thermal conductivity, heat dissipation is not affected when it is not in operation.


Heat dissipation principle: Because the internal temperature difference of the battery pack is not controlled within 5 ° C, attach a thermal conductive silicone sheet to the top and bottom of the battery pack. The silicone sheet guides the temperature to the outer aluminum shell. The temperature difference of the entire battery module is controlled within 5 ° C. It meets the requirements of battery pack design, which makes the battery pack have a longer life and more stable performance during driving.


The main functions of the silicone heating sheet for battery thermal management system include:

1) Effective heat dissipation when the battery temperature is high to prevent thermal runaway acidents;

2) Preheating when the battcery temperature is low to increase the battery temperature to ensure charging and discharging performance and safety at low temperatures;

3) Reduce the temperature difference in the battery pack, suppress the formation of local hot zones, prevent the battery from decaying too fast at high temperature locations, and reduce the overall battery life.