The Application of Carbon Fiber Heating Wire

- May 11, 2020-

Silicone carbon fiber heating wire, also known as far-infrared electric heating wire, which has a wide range of applications now. It is commonly used in electric towel racks, rice cooker insulation, wax melter heating, disinfection cabinet heating, refrigerator defrosting, electric heating heating, heating tiles, intelligent meal taking cabinet heating wires, medical appliances, electric knee pads, electric shoulder pads, electric elbow pads, electric shawls, electric insoles, jade mattresses, jade cushions, etc. are developed and mass-produced by Jaye Industry. Infrared band emitting 8-15UM, mainly used in intelligent wear products for people. It is mainly composed of nano-carbon fiber electric heating wire as a heating chip supporting constant temperature intelligent system, which is fast heating, uniformity, second heating, safety, thinness, waterproof, bending resistance, easy to use, voltage and size can be customized.