The Application Feature of Silicone rubber Heater

- Apr 15, 2020-

1- Silicone rubber electric heating sheet is facial-like heating, heating is all the surface heating rather than point heating diffusion
2-Silicone rubber electric heating piece of internal heating part is after put the nickel chromium alloy wire or through the design of iron chromium aluminum etching pieces, the latter uniform heating, temperature difference is small.
3-Thermal transformation, silicone rubber electric heating piece is a flexible heater, usually in 1.5 MM thickness, thermal conductivity, the use of silicone rubber cloth has when heating heat loss small.
4-Appropriately, the silicone rubber electric heating piece has a strong workability, basic is according to the design by the shape of the heating body, thus it can be very good on the heating body attached
5-The silicon rubber electric heater in the device is either posted on the heated body, or is mechanically fixed, but no matter which way to choose, can get excellent heating effect
6-The silicon rubber electroheater according to the user request device temperature conditioning control table, so that more accurate temperature request
7-SiliconE rubber electric heater can complete the internal heating, external temperature control