The Application and Precautions of KST Thermostat

- Jun 23, 2020-

KST thermostat is an adjustable thermostat, which can freely adjust the indoor temperature according to user needs. It is an energy-saving product. There are four control methods of KST thermostat, automatic reset, manual reset, one-time action and automatic and manual integration. The working principle of KST thermostat is to set a temperature, the temperature is too high, the contact is opened, the temperature is too low, the contact is closed, so that the temperature is controlled within a certain range. When installing the KST thermostat, the flat surface of the metal cover of the temperature switch should be completely close to the installation surface of the appliance. Be careful not to crush the metal surface of the temperature switch, so as not to affect the function.


Also, to avoid violent damage to the outer shell of the KST thermostat or the penetration of liquid inside. The KST thermostat can be used for household appliances such as refrigerators, water heaters, electric ovens, electric irons, office equipment such as printers, and automotive components.