The advantages of infrared heating lamps

- Oct 15, 2020-

The advantages of infrared heating lamps


1. The new heating method directly heats the object without heating the air around the object; it can directly heat the object in a vacuum environment. Avoid the loss of heat transfer between the heat source and the heating object in the traditional heating method.

2. When using infrared radiation to heat, select the appropriate infrared wavelength, which is in line with the absorption spectrum of the heated body, and the effect is better. For example, short-wave infrared radiation can penetrate the paint surface more effectively and heat at the same time from inside to outside.

3. Energy-saving heating method. Near-infrared heating tube can convert 95% of electric energy into heat energy, which is much higher than traditional heating method.

4. Infrared radiation heating is environmentally friendly. It can be quickly turned on and off during heating, which helps to reduce radiation loss. The clean, green, and safe heating method uses high-quality quartz pipes, which will not cause corrosion and fall off, and will not produce harmful gases and no peculiar smells to the heating object and heating environment. High-quality quartz tubing is a high-temperature resistant material, has good plasticity in high-temperature environments, will not cause tube explosion, and has a very high safety level.

5. The infrared radiation heating system can be easily integrated into the production line. Through the mechanical components, infrared reflector lampshade and the control system, the external infrared radiation heating and production can be controlled simultaneously.

6. Easy to control. The quick reaction time and the high-quality quartz tube have the characteristics of very small thermal inertia, so that the heating process can be quickly and accurately controlled, and the heating process (module) can be arbitrarily set from 0-100% power output to achieve Good temperature control process effect.

7. Long average lifespan The average lifespan of thermal element products can reach 5000 hours, and longer life products can be designed and produced according to customer requirements.

8. Simple to use, easy to install, low-cost maintenance and replacement.