Technical parameters and application of pipe heater sewage treatment heater

- Jun 25, 2020-

1. Working power supply: AC380 / 220V 50 / 60Hz (special voltage can be customized)

2. Heating power: 6-600kw

3. Temperature range: 0-800 (gas) 0-350 (liquid)

4. Temperature control accuracy: & plusmn; 1

5. Explosion proof grade: exdbt4, exdbt6, exdct4, exdct6

Pipeline heater is widely used in automobile, textile, printing and dyeing, dyestuff, papermaking, bicycle, refrigerator, chemical fiber, ceramics, electrostatic spraying, grain, food, pharmacy, chemical industry, *, etc. to achieve the purpose of ultra fast drying of pipeline heater. The pipeline heater has the advantages of good radiation effect, remarkable power saving, convenient use and maintenance, etc. the heating of the pipeline heater is also particularly suitable for large-scale drying room, drying oven and water drying tunnel of leather machinery.