Summary of the problems in using PTC heating elements

- Sep 28, 2020-

What is the difference between 110V and 220V PTC heating element? What happens when you mix it up?

PTC heating element is a positive temperature coefficient device, the resistance value increases with the temperature. If the 220V heating element is used on 110V, its resistance will increase less, the current will be relatively large, but the calorimeter will not necessarily increase a lot. Matching is recommended.


How to assemble 5 joints of PTC heating sheet?

Five joints PTC heating plates should be assembled according to different power requirements. 1, 3 and 5 are one pole. 2, 4 is a pole, 1, 3, 5 and together for one end; 2, 4 and together for the other end, access 220V is the full power.

Does PTC heating element explode?

TC heating plate has a failure mode called breakdown, breakdown sound accompanied by strong light. Under normal circumstances, PTC heating plate will have external insulation structure, there will be a small explosion when the breakdown, can not see the strong light, and will not hurt people.