Solution to the fault of electric tubular heater

- Sep 17, 2020-

Solution to the fault of electric tubular heater:

With the changes of the times, no matter single head electric heating tube, flange type electric heating tube, fin type electric heating tube, are constantly popularized in all fields of society. In the process of using electric heating tube, there will be many common faults. Next, the company will list the common faults below and inform the corresponding treatment methods, so as to facilitate customers to use the electric heating tube correctly.

1. Fault phenomenon: the electric heating tube fuse is blown out


(1) The diameter of the fuse is too small and the capacity is insufficient;

(2) The power cord plug is short circuited with the electric socket;

(3) The lead or lead of electric heating tube falls off and causes short circuit;

(4) Short circuit caused by burning of electric heating tube (core);

(5) The electric socket is short circuited due to dirt accumulation or carbonization

Treatment method:

(1) Replace the appropriate fuse;

(2) Repair or replace the power plug or electric socket;

(3) Re connect firmly;

(4) , repair or replacement;

(5) Remove dirt, repair or replace parts

2. Fault phenomenon: for the temperature control flange electric heating tube, the electric control thermostat fails


(1) The ceramic contact rod of the temperature controller is blocked by foreign matters;

(2) Deformation of hot bimetallic sheet;

(3) Dynamic and static contact fatigue, loss of elasticity, poor contact;

(4) The moving and static contacts are stuck and cannot be opened or closed;

(5) The fastening screws of dynamic and static contacts are loose

Treatment method:

(1) Remove foreign matters and move up and down flexibly by hand;

(2) Adjust the deformation, restore the original state and elasticity;

(3) Adjust the angle of contact to make it recover elasticity;

(4) Repair and grind the contact, and replace the new one if there is no effect;

(5) Re tighten

3. Fault phenomenon: the electric heating tube does not heat


(1) Abnormal power supply or power failure;

(2) The fuse has blown;

(3) Poor contact between power cord plug and electric socket, or open circuit of power line lead;

(4) The electric heating tube (core) leads or leads fall off;

(5) The electric heating tube (core) is burnt out;

(6) The contact of the temperature controller is poor or the melting is broken

Treatment method:

(1) After the power supply is normal;

(2) Replace the fuse of the same model;

(3) , repair or replacement;

(4) Re weld;

(5) Replace the electric heating tube (core) of the same specification;

(6) , repair or replace

4. Fault phenomenon: leakage of electric heating tube


(1) The ground wire is not well connected;

(2) There is too much dirt on the electric socket or power plug;

(3) The circuit wire falls off and collides with the cup body;

(4) The insulation of the electric heating tube (core) is damaged;

(5) The electric heating tube (core) is burnt out and the cup body is short circuited;

(6) Improper cleaning, water into the cup

Treatment method:

(1) Connect the ground wire as required;

(2) Clean and dry after cleaning;

(3) Check the falling wires and re weld them firmly;

(4) , repair or replacement;

(5) Replace the electric heating tube (core) of the same specification;

(6) Clean and dry properly