Silicone Rubber heater introductions

- Mar 21, 2020-

1. Silicone heater, namely silicon rubber heating element (heating sheet), also known as silicone rubber heating pad / electric heating film / electric heating belt / electric heating sheet, oil barrel heater / heating belt / heating plate, etc. It is composed of two glass fiber cloths and two pieces of silicon rubber glass fiber cloth.


Silicone heater characteristics:

Because it is a thin sheet product (the standard thickness is generally 1.5mm), it has good softness and can be completely in close contact with the heated object. Because it is flexible, it is easier to get close to the heating body, and the shape can be designed to change the heating according to requirements, so that it can allow heat to be transmitted to any desired place.

Silicone heating element is a flexible and flexible sheet-shaped electric heating device. It is made by placing a poise-like and wire-like metal heating element between glass fiber cloths coated with high-temperature-resistant silicone rubber and molding at high temperatures. Its body is thin, usually 0.8 ~ 1.5MM thick, and the silicone heater is light in weight, generally, 1.3 ~ 1.9 kg per square. It can be heated quickly when it is energized, the temperature heat up quickly, it has a large heating surface, uniform heating, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, environmental protection, resistance It has the characteristics of easy burning, easy installation, long life and high insulation strength. It is used in many electric heating devices.


2. Silicone rubber heating plate is a kind of sheet heater commonly used in industrial production for heating, heat preservation and dehumidification. The heating plate has many good performances, which saves a lot of production costs for enterprises.

How the Silicone heater works

First of all, the silicone rubber electric heating sheet is heated in a planar shape, and the entire surface is heated instead of a point when heated.

Secondly, the internal heating part of the silicone rubber electric heating sheet is an arrayed nickel-chromium alloy wire (multi-strands used by our company) or a designed iron-chromium-aluminum alloy etched sheet. The latter has uniform heating, small temperature difference, and high heat conversion

Third, the silicone rubber electric heating sheet is a flexible heater, and the silicone rubber cloth used has thermal conductivity, so the heat loss during heating is relatively small.

Fourth, the silicone rubber electric heating sheet has strong processability, and is basically designed according to the shape of the heated body, so it can be attached to the heated body very well.

Fifth, the silicone rubber electric heating sheet is either adhered to the heated body or mechanically fixed during installation, but no matter which method is used, the heating effect can be very good.

Sixth, the insulation material used in the silicone rubber electric heating sheet can withstand a maximum temperature of 250 degrees, so it can basically meet general heating requirements.

Seventh, the silicone rubber electric heating sheet can be installed with a temperature adjustment control table according to the user's requirements, so that it can obtain accurate temperature requirements.

Eighth, the silicone rubber electric heating plate can achieve internal heating and external temperature control methods.


3.Imported glass fiber silicone heater / raw materials:

The imported silicone cloth material is produced from half raw rubber and half cooked rubber, and the heating element is a nickel-chromium alloy electric heating wire, and a silicone rubber heating belt made by a high-temperature hot-press vulcanizing machine.



A. It has softness, and it is easier for the object to be heated to fit completely tightly. The shape can be designed and heated as required. In this way, heat can be transferred wherever needed.

B. It is compounded by silicon rubber and glass fiber cloth, with strong insulation, and its breakdown voltage can reach 20 ~ 50KV / mm, so it can be used with complete confidence.

C. The heating plate can be installed through room temperature vulcanizate, vulcanization installation, or can be fixed and installed in accordance with customer requirements, or in the form of a bundle.

It can be conducted to the air through heating to increase the temperature of the space. It is suitable for air ducts and air heating. Silicone heating sheet is a kind of waterproof, oil-proof, acid and salt resistance, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, material temperature resistance -60-250 ℃, very suitable for use in harsh environments. Enough to use very safe heating without affecting use.


4.1) Silicone rubber heater is sheet-like, which has softness that cannot be achieved by traditional metal heaters. It is a sheet-like shape formed by sandwiching silica gel between two glass fiber cloths.

Soft, so heated objects can be completely in close contact, such as curved surfaces, cylinders, etc.

2) Flat silicone rubber heater with standard thickness of 1.5mm has good heat transfer performance

3) The heating element of the silicone rubber heater is a nickel-chromium alloy resistance wire with a uniform distribution, so it can be used with peace of mind.

4) Unlike ordinary carbon component heaters, silicone rubber heaters can be freely processed into various shapes such as circles, triangles, and irregular shapes according to the shape of the object being heated. Can be used in a variety of industries and a variety of equipment (not oil resistant! Do not directly contact kerosene!).

5) It has thin and soft characteristics, which can achieve weight reduction and miniaturization. The temperature rises fast, and a thermostat can be added for temperature adjustment.

6) Abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good insulation properties, and water resistance.



5.Silicone rubber has good weather resistance and aging resistance. As a surface insulation material for heating sheets, it can effectively prevent product surface cracking and enhance mechanical strength, which greatly prolongs the service life of the product. Can be customized according to design requirements.

Product Features:

1) Resistance sheet (resistance wire diameter) thickness selection range: 0.03-0.1mmT, high temperature resistant silicone cloth Thickness selection: 0.5-2.0mmT

2) Silicone heating sheet has excellent physical strength and softness; applying external force to the heating sheet can make the heating sheet contact the heated object well;

3) The improved PI film has better thermal conductivity, and its structure is made of polyimide film on both sides by high temperature thermocompression resistance sheet;

4) The structure is made of two-sided high-temperature silicone cloth through high-temperature thermocompression resistance (resistance wire), which can be made into any shape, including three-dimensional shape, and various openings can be reserved for easy installation

5) Can be designed and customized according to shape size and power voltage requirements.

6) Silicone heating film has good resistance to chemical corrosion, and can be used in harsh environments such as humid and corrosive gases. .

7) It can be easily integrated into a thin insulation material to provide a lightweight electric heating element with a heat insulation layer.

8) Single-sided adhesive can be selected for quick and easy installation.

9) RoHS, CE, UL certification. Zh



1) New energy industry (battery);

2) Communication security industry;

3) Camera, hard disk video recorder;

4) Power industry, military and aerospace;

5) Various types of electronic products to be heated;

6) Medical equipment, precision instruments and equipment;