Several problems should be paid attention to when using electric oven

- Sep 15, 2020-

Several problems should be paid attention to when using electric oven

1. The first and most important point is about the power supply and wire. The electric oven is a high-power electrical appliance. Generally, the electric heating element inside is composed of several stainless steel electric heating tubes. Pay attention to check the load capacity of the meter and wire, pay attention to the power line is not damaged, should also do a good grounding device.

2. Set the temperature according to the different temperature requirements of the baked object, and pay attention to the heating temperature that the heating pipe can reach, so as to prevent the electric heating tube from being damaged due to too high heating temperature.

3. After baking, the power supply should be cut off in time, and hands should not touch the surface of heating tube to prevent scalding.

4. After each use of the oven, wipe and clean the inner liner, baking pan and baking net. Special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the surface of the electric heating tube to prevent the dirt from adhering to the surface of the heating pipe, resulting in uneven heat dissipation on the surface of the heating pipe and causing damage.

5. Finally, regularly check the use of the heating tube inside, replace it regularly, and check whether there is any damage.