Research status of high power density thick film heatingl element based on stainless steel substrate

- Aug 19, 2020-

Research status of high power density thick film heatingl element based on stainless steel substrate:

People have been trying to optimize the design of components and circuits, especially the selection of high thermal conductivity substrate materials to accelerate the heat conduction and reduce the temperature rise of components. However, many advantages of thick film circuit design and production make people have great interest in using the heat generated by thick film circuit and its conduction law to design and prepare thick film electric heating elements. In fact, the basic theory and practical experience of heat generation and conduction in high-power thick film hybrid circuits make it easy to design thick film circuit type electric heating elements. However, due to the strict performance requirements of electric heating elements, such as mechanical properties, thermal shock resistance, thermal efficiency, power density, temperature coefficient of resistance, service life, etc, So the research of this new concept electric heating element has not made a substantial breakthrough for a long time. In recent years, with the continuous innovation of material technology, people have systematically studied the composition and performance of substrate material, dielectric paste, resistance paste and other related materials, and the technology has made a major breakthrough. Nowadays, kilowatt grade stainless steel substrate thick film electric heating element has been successfully applied in many fields, such as industrial appliances, household appliances and so on. Thick film circuit type electric heating element integrates microelectronic technology and new material technology, involving ferrous metal, precious metal, glass ceramic, polymer and many other materials.