​Research on the principle of PTC fish tank heating rod

- Sep 12, 2020-

Research on the principle of PTC fish tank heating rod

Experimental process of using PTC heating plate in fish tank

A new 30 small cylinder is equipped with a 25W heating rod. Because the cylinder is small, although the heating rod is only 195mm long, the black one appears to affect the vision in the cylinder, which is the biggest problem. It is also the common problem of the general heating rod, which is that the temperature control is not accurate and the temperature in the cylinder fluctuates greatly. And a high-end heating rod is not cheap.

It happens to have a ready-made PTC heating plate on hand. Compared with electric heating wire heating, PTC is said to have the advantages of small size, high thermal efficiency, long life, low-pressure work, dry burning and good safety, so I decided to try it.

After the test, the temperature control probe placed directly above the heating plate has the best effect. Even if the pump is not turned on, the temperature difference of each part in the cylinder does not exceed one degree.

Now the room temperature is 13 degrees during the day, and the cylinder is kept at 24 degrees. The heating plate works for about 15 seconds and stops intermittent operation for 30 seconds. This intermission time of work / stop shows two situations: one is that the fluctuation of water temperature is very small, and the other is that it still has the ability to keep the temperature when the ambient temperature continues to drop.

If the fish tank is large, multiple PTC heaters can be used in parallel.