Recommended Heating Tube for Aluminum Extruder

- Jul 15, 2020-

Aluminum extruders are generally circular heating tubes. After the shape is designed, according to two special working environments, we must pay attention to the following points in the design of the heating tube:

1. The heating tube must use a seamless tube with a wall thickness of 1.0mm or more.

2. The material of the heating tube must be SUS304, SUS321 will be much better.

3. Because the temperature is at a continuous high temperature and has been in a state of vibration, the heating wire in the heating tube must be made of nickel chromium 2080. The common electric heating tube is mainly made of iron chromium aluminum


Therefore, in addition to telling us that the shape and size, it must also let us know the working environment of the product, so that we can professionally design the electric heating pipe that is most suitable for you.