Reasons for the printing temperature problem of the 3D printer

- Apr 08, 2020-

If you are facing the printing temperature problem of 3D printer, there may be some parts has problems. Then what is the problem?

The parts that are generally responsible for the 3D printing temperature are the heating wire and the temperature measuring wire connected to the printing nozzle. If the heating wire or the temperature measuring wire breaks, it will cause printing failure.

The heating block is connected to the aluminum block on the hot end in the 3D printing nozzle. It is responsible for heating the aluminum block. When heated, the nozzle will also be heated, so that the printing material passing through the nozzle is heated and extruded from the nozzle. If the user finds that there is a problem with the heating of the 3D printing head, for example, it cannot be heated, it is likely that there is a problem with the heating line.

As for the temperature measurement line, it is to measure the temperature of the nozzle heating. Printing can only be done when heated to an appropriate temperature, so a temperature measurement line is required in the 3D printing head. The temperature measuring line is also connected to the heating aluminum block. If the user finds that there is a temperature problem during heating, for example, the print head is already heating, but the temperature displayed on the printer's screen has not changed or other error messages, the temperature measurement line may have a problem.